Introducing TOJ (ThaiOrchidJewelry.Net)

NEW web catalog www.ThaiOrchidJewelry.Net manufacture wholesale real flower in resin “REAL TIME INVENTORY WHOLESALE” for a faster ORDER and faster SHIPMENT

For years, our re-sellers asked us for real time inventory and natural flowers do have variation in size, colors after dyed and process. Resin dry process take 2 weeks while we must to pre-select, pre-dried flowers from flower grower and orchid nursery. Sometime dried flowers have to be quickly process to persevered its condition from moisture as well. With all these reasons combined “make inventory” more accessible to our re-seller become more essential and hope improve our re-seller network selling for a faster trade wholesale and retail

  • Lots of flower species added regularly.
  • Better search engine and filter color view. You can now search "lucy earring pink" and it will show lucy only earring and pink color only.
  • System show what's available **ready to (in ship 2-3 days)**
  • How many pieces available (1 to XXX) pieces
  • What you see is what you get for we match color closest to the real thing you’ll received.
  • You can order even 1 piece per color per type
  • All Major credit cards include **apple pay**
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