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THAILAND WELL KNOWN FOR REAL ORCHID AND REAL FLOWER JEWELRY OVER 30 YEARS. Thailand is know for real orchid in resin gold trim and electroplating gold 24K. It has been around for over 30 years with more variety and design added for today younger trend and new generation.

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  • Real Orchid Jewelry
  • Real Rose Jewelry
  • Real leafs gold collection Jewelry
  • Real insect gold collection Jewelry
  • Real butterfly collection Jewelry
  • And many more to come


RARE ORCHID AND SEASONAL ORCHID Many orchids are seasonal in supply such as CATTLEYA, TIGER ORHID. Regular year round orchids are such as DENDROBIUM ORCHID and MOKARA ORCHID.

FACTS ABOUT INSECT AND BUTTERFLY JEWELRY Butterfly known to be from butterfly farm (butterfly farm and butterfly garden in many countries). Butterfly life span is very short and we do not cruise the jungle or the forest to catch a wild butterfly. We can provide butterfly species which are available. Butterfly farm is more common today for "butterfly release at wedding event" is becoming popular.
  • Select real orchid
  • Dried process
  • Coloring enhancement
  • Resin coated for preservation
  • Plating copper, rhodium (conductor) then electroplating gold 24K