Real Green BEETLES WINGS Jewel Earring - 03 Crystal Fan (Price Per Pack)

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Handmade jewelry using real natural beetles GREEN WINGS. Beetles Jewelry wings earring jewelry design. Green beetle wing iridescent LOOK GREEN IN DAY LIGHT, NATURAL LIGHT and look bluish in ARTIFICUAL or NEON Light

  • Price per pack (10 Earrings)
  • 100 % Natural Beetle Wings, jewel beetles, insect jewelry, nature jewelry
  • Jewel Beetle Elytra Sternocera aequisignata
  • Thai Thailand Beetles wings malaeng thap Product of Thailand
  • SHIP from Thailand to you
  • CUSTOMIZATION / PRIVATE LABEL welcome, please contact us
  • DESCRIPTION : using 6 wings drilled , Crystal Glass & BRASS plated decoration
  • HOOK : hypoallergenic stainless steel  (silver 925 optional, cost may varied)
  • Packing: POLYBAG  (customize Box & Logo welcome, cost may varied)